perpetual [per péchoo el]
1. lasting for ever: lasting for all time.
2. lasting indefinitely: lasting for an indefinitely long time.
3. occurring repeatedly: occurring over and over.

indulgence [in dúljens]
1. something allowed as luxury: permission to have something not normally allowed.
2. tolerant attitude: a kind or tolerant attitude toward somebody.
3. Christian: remission of punishment for sin; a grant by the pope of remission of time to be spent in purgatory or of some other consequence of a sin.  In the Middle Ages, a practice of selling indulgences grew widespread.

improper noun
1. continual merriment: non-stop partying.
2. indulgence without the guilt: unfettered by archaic rules.
3. Order of 21st Century Nuns founded 1979 in San Francisco.

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